Expo Seguridad Industrial
June 28 to 30, 2022
Centro Citibanamex

The health and safety of all who participate at our event is our number one priority. In order to respond effectively to the situation we are experiencing, we are providing you the basic measures that we will have and the good practices that you should implement during your participation:

If you or someone from your staff has any viral symptoms such as cough, fever or sore throat, stay home and contact the doctor.

In addition, the exhibitor must train their staff on the risks and protection measures  of COVID-19 before the event.

To avoid crowds at the event and speed up the entries exhibitors must complete their registration, and that of their staff, on our website. It will also be mandatory to answer the section related to the health monitoring of you and your personnel.

During build-up, in-show and break-down there will be safety protocols at the entrance of the venue, which includes temperature screening, and hand-sanitizer. Please follow the recommendations and instructions of the staff attending them. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5 °C or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted entry to the show.

It will be mandatory to scan the Mexico City QR code with your mobile or send an SMS message to 51515, with the objective to identify contact with positive cases of COVID-19 and to break transmission chains.

Face coverings will be mandatory during build-up, in-show and break-down. Our exhibitors and their staff must wear facemasks and eye protection to attend to visitors.

Consider a quick assembly design to have a build-up/break-down with fewer staff with open space and furniture that allows for safe distancing. Please consider technologies that allow remote connectivity for collaborators or clients who cannot attend.

Try to maintain physical distancing between yourself and others at all times. Do not greet with kisses, handshake or hugs. Consider placing acrylic barriers on counters, product displays, etc. that promote safe distancing.

The organizing committee will do constant cleaning before and during the show: disinfection of all areas before starting the day's activities and cleaning of common areas every hour. It will be the exhibitor's responsibility to constantly disinfect their booth and have a gel dispenser to offer before and after a visit.

Identify and follow the signage on the floor and throughout the event to regulate the flow of people in aisles for a safer experience. According to your booth design, it is recommended to mark on the floor the routes attendees must take.

We will put up signage with the maximum capacities in our convivial zones. We recommend visibly placing the maximum capacity inside the booth.

Only designated areas can be used to consume food, respecting the maximum number of people and stay only long enough to eat. Eating inside the booth is forbidden, exhibitor may provide attendees individually sealed snacks.

Use digital means to share data such as electronic brochures of products and services. Take advantage of all the tools at your fingertips to connect with visitors virtually.

Follow the hygiene protocol at the show: Regularly wash your hands with soap and water or use the alcohol-based hand-sanitizers dispensers; cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze, and properly dispose your tissues.

Read the complete protocols & measurements here

Last update date October 13, 2021